Mayor & Council Members

Mayor Brett Merkley
  • All Areas
Contact Brett Merkley at [email protected] or 435-730-1407

Councilmember Anne Whitaker
  • Garbage
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Deputy Treasurer
Contact Anne Whitaker at [email protected] or 435-225-2218

Councilmember Paul Thomas
  • Drainage
  • Animal Control
  • Irrigation
Contact Paul Thomas at [email protected] or 435-225-1582

Councilmember Julie Jones
  • Sewer
  • Roads
Contact Julie Jones at [email protected] or 435-225-3211

Councilmember Kelly Donovan
  • Finance
  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Fire Department
Contact Kelly Donovan at [email protected] or 435-225-3435

Councilmember Cindy Cheney
  • Water
  • Emergency Preparedness
Contact Cindy Cheney at [email protected] or

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